Bridging the gap between technology and design.

Patrick Shaun McNicholas (P.S.M.)

I've always been interested in good quality design in one form or another in every area of interest in life. Good design can be found visually in the way something looks as well as functionally in the way something works. I've been able over the years to find a balance between the two disciplines of visual design and technological functionality that both stimulate my senses and provides useful and intelligent technological functionality.

For me programing, painting and music satisfy a similar creative passion and I find myself working for the reward of knowing my application programing satisfies the needs of my clients in the same way that a beautiful painting provides a visual stimulation to the senses, or a great piece of music lifts the soul.

It has been my own experience after working in several different industries as both an artist as well as a programmer and I.T. professional that there exists a large but constantly shrinking chasm between attractive design and functional design. So utilizing today's technologies it is my goal to create visually attractive applications that provide deeper insight and intelligence in today's business marketplace.

This website is intended as a general portfolio of talent, experience and services that I as an individual posses and use on a regular basis both in my personal life as well as professionally. You need creativity and out of the box thinking to compete in today's world and I can get you where you want to go. Give me a call, and lets get together to discuss how my talents can take your company or brand over the plateau and into the successful territory you can see just beyond the horizon.



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